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We are committed to providing the best career mapping service. We have a decade-long experience in acing this game. Mybraindesign goes much beyond the utilization of traditional career exploration tools like the assessment of interests, aptitudes, personalities, IQ, and academics.

It utilizes a combination of the dominant brain thinking science with integrated skills and interest review. A generic AI algorithm then maps to brain archetypes and provides an overview of various career indices and a star rating possibility from 5 stars to 1-star rating is provided for each student for 690 careers.  


My Brain Design - MBD assessment

Here is what is exciting

From 600 careers to 1 in 6o minutes. This is what we do. This is what we have mastered. You will get the pressing answers for your life- which career is right for me? Which life path is suitable for me? Which country, I should study in? Which university is ideal for my overall career growth?


Your brain design report

Amazing brain insights 

Your brain design shall showcase your brain archetype and also the thinking style. It will extrapolate your SORT- Strenght, Opportunity, Resistance & Things you should do to overcome the resistance. You will be surprised at the accuracy of the tool. The assessment shall ask some basic questions about you and also give you 42 questions in series. This has nothing to do with your IQ or any other personality factors or traits.

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