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About Us

We are committed to providing the best career mapping service. We believe in doing things lobally which is using the best and dominant brain lobes for the individuals. Our program goes much beyond the utilization of traditional career exploration tools like the assessment of interests, aptitudes, personalities, IQ, and academics.

It utilizes the dominant brain design & octagonal dominant thinking styles to map an ideal life path. Our career catalysts explore whole-brain career powers for a meaningful and successful life.


My Brain Design - MBD assessment

Here is what is exciting

Match over 900 professions against your brain map and get a clear view of your potential career choices. Discuss not only the right career choice but also the right environment suitable for your study, the right country for further studies, the right course and electives. Also understand the blind spots which can potentially be stumbling blocks in your success. Learn techniques to overcome your limitations and engage in whole brain development.


Your brain design report

Amazing brain insights 

Get a detailed brain design report with career choices identified based on your brain design. The idea of the test is also to showcase a deeper analysis of your thinking style. It helps you in knowing your styles of communication, decision making, relationship and learning. You may fix a schedule with your coach to discuss your innate strengths, blind spots, potential career options and learn how to have an agile whole brain at your disposal throughout your life.


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