The Answers You Need

How long does it take to do the assessment?

The full assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete. The assessment does not need any special skills. Mere honesty is sufficient as you answer the questions. Some of the questions would confuse you and force you to think before you choose an answer , it is advisable to give adequate time. Remember there are now right or wrong answers. 

How is lobally's assessment different from other career placement tests, career aptitude tests, etc.?

There are many ways how you can determine your career path. Interest is one crucial component in the evaluation of the right choice. Most tests utilize this component. Some tests utilize the traditional aptitude measurement tools like abstract thinking, logical thinking, number smartness etc. Some tests utilize personality trait analysis and derive the career choices based on that. Our analysts take all the above criteria into account in the preliminary questionnaire. The specialty of our analysts is that they do not base the report solely on any of the above assessments. They take into consideration the dominance brain inventory already popularized in the world by Dr Neethling and Dr Hermann. You might be interested in being software IT professional, but what if your brain prefers to not sit for long hours? You might get attracted by the idea of being a doctor, but what if your brain prefers innovation, creativity and travelling?

Is this career test for adults? Is this career test for teens and high school students?

This test is applicable for both. We have two assessments, Aspire and Achieve. Aspire is for our younger folks in high schools and higher secondary schools, while Achieve is for our older folks in universities or in the graduate or postgraduate programs. It is also intended for people who wish to steer their careers. People change careers at many different stages of life, and hence our assessments are not age centric Do not confuse career with jobs. We are talking about the career choices.